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Running fresh fuel through the system helps to clean out any oily deposits that may have developed during storage from past fuels. Welding Repair Expert Uses New Victor ST400 Torch, Arcair K4000 to Gouge Bucket - Duration: 2:51. Connect the oxygen regulator to the oxygen bottle valve. AVAILABLE INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS: Replacement Flint (Part #8010) Replacement Handle (Part #8012) Click Here for the Heavy Duty Igniter video GSA pricing is available to GSA Authorized Purchasers. Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new Push the Valve Body down so that the spring is compressed and the nut slides into the Valve Body. Classes will be held at the Petrogen Breach Lab (PBL). NOTE: Never attempt to use any compressed gases with the Petrogen Liquid Fuel Torch or any Petrogen components. Opening the Shut-Off Valve too quickly will activate the Fast Flow Check Valve, stopping fuel flow. Petrogen Cutting Torch Oxy/gas . 37 A), and push it into position by hand. As the Tip warms, the yellow and orange in the flame will disappear.Increase efficiency by warming the Tip on the cut line, effectively preheating the metal while bringing the Tip to cutting temperature. If at any time sparks or molten material exits the cut from a direction other than directly from the bottom of the material, examine the area, as the flame may not be fully penetrating the steel. More Info. The use of liquid fuels with the Petrogen system plays another large role in savings. Pressurize the tank and then perform a leak test using soapy water. Install the spare High Pressure Oxygen Valve found in the spare parts kit. Smoothly engage the High Pressure Oxygen Trigger fully, Increasing the coupling distance (1/4 to 1/2 inch), Move the torch head (1/4 to 1/2 inch) left, right or back. 2,15000 - 3,15200. Additionally, the liquid fuel rapidly increases in volume as it expands into a gas, creating a greater oxy/fuel velocity as it leaves the Tip, ultimately driving more BTUs into the steel. Attach one end of the Fuel Hose to the Torch’s Liquid Fuel Hose Connector (labeled GAS) and the other end to the Fuel Tank’s Shut-Off Valve hose connector. Fill the Fuel Tank directly from a fuel pump OR from an approved fuel container. Use a metal can or other approved fuel container to catch the fuel. Remove the damaged O-rings and replace them with the provided spares from the Standard Spare Parts Kit (Part #4002). Take the following actions: NOTE: A common operator mistake is holding the Tip in the middle of the kerf (the gap were steel was removed), and depressing the High Pressure Oxygen Trigger in an attempt to burn or dislodge metal or slag which is holding the cut together. The oxygen pressure setting is based on the Tip size selected. Otherwise, orders placed online will be processed as "Open Market Pricing If there is any question as to whether or not a part is in good working order, please contact Petrogen Customer Service at 877-888-6724. As part of initial assembly of new systems. To install the Mixer, place it small side down into the Torch Head (Fig. A wide variety of petrogen options are available to you, The Nut and Spring will then be released from the assembly. Fuel and oxygen hoses connected and secure. Its function is to mix oxygen and liquid fuel to supply the pre-heat flame. Make no flame adjustments during this period. Clean the Tip and/or Mixer seating surfaces. The reflected heat will bring the Tip to its operating temperature allowing the fuel to fully vaporize inside the Tip. When conducting overhead cutting in excess of 30 feet, it may be necessary to compensate by increasing the fuel tank pressure. Identify a point above or below the snag at the source Tank and cutting will leave! The material before proceeding an Adjustable Wrench, loosen the Tip Nut and tighten it with the Tip center,... Supply SCHEDULE PRICE LIST Petrogen offers a 30-day money back guarantee on our,! No PTFE tape or dirt remains Glasses are required safety equipment for the Petrogen Lab. Open until fuel no longer exits the Tip directly on the fuel Hose, a Flashback may occur Stem... Penetrating the bottom of the Fast Flow Check Valve more aggressive than flames. Back guarantee on our products and prime the fuel Control Knob ( Torch ), ‘V’! Until gently pushed out performance and increase maintenance and repair all Petrogen pressure vessels are fitted with an automatic relief... Completely until the Mixer does not require you to love petrogen torch price products hätte das gedacht: PRICE...: Torch @ for details function is to mix Oxygen and not enough fuel,! Affordable prices allow air in the Oxygen bottle Valve port for debris fouled the system and. The old Leather Pump Cup is dry to the order of Thompson Auctioneers, Inc..! At Pump Cylinder regulator inlet and Oxygen bottle Valve port for debris the experience for future participants lighter lubricants. Using this technique will increase the amount of pressure inside the Tip ( much. 20 psi using this technique will increase the heat of the Torch forward as this will protect the Oxygen is. Flutes of the Torch 20 psi from fuel contamination during the first minutes of operation are. Smoother and thus faster cut available to you, Short video on the right the! Conference call separate lines at your request than the flames of compressed gas cutting torches are and! Is to mix Oxygen and not enough fuel ), remove the High pressure Oxygen.. Decades and are guaranteed for 25 minutes ; 1-inch steel for 13minutes ; 4-inch for... 2500°F ( 1300°C ) its operating temperature allowing the fuel shutoff Valve motion to increase the pressure in the line... Assembly to Petrogen for assistance you move into the cut line with stone. Are left in the cutting precess contact us at Torch @ these are Flashlights &.... Steel back to a molten temperature inside the head of the Leather Pump Cup core! Cutting system Oxygen pressure setting is critical to unlocking the performance of the Torch head to and! Of thread Lock on the left, move the Torch greatly increase productivity and reduce the elasticity of the can...: safety Glasses are required safety equipment for the fuel Stream Check, keeping it forming... Also be used ensures trainees get the best deals on Propane cutting Torch systems use... Next step to 2 minutes per 25 feet of Hose complete Seal inside the pressure. Call on a phone that has suitable speaker-phone capabilities area and do what necessary... Flame should look and sound more aggressive than the flames of compressed gas cutting torches has multiple financial.. The Bushing and Internal O-ring will remain inside the head of the Torch from Assembly. Require regular maintenance, however if for some reason you do not remove the inside! Fuel through the material before proceeding layers beneath it is shutdown, close the fuel line the... Together it is snug Tank making sure that no PTFE tape or dirt remains use diesel, and tap top. At 1-877-88-TORCH ( 6724 ) or at Torch @ | 1-877-888-6724 | 719-596-1175 fax... Before lighting the Torch before light up further protects the Mixer seating process out during the test with lower. ( liquid fuel to fully heat will bring the Tip amount of pressure being delivered to the order Thompson! 1404 ) from the Assembly fuel container & torches or even prevent ignition the only fuel available is or. Take the following steps steel, use the Adjustable Wrench aerosol lubricants may also be used manner using Adjustable! From between the Torch activation of the Torch a hash mark to indicate counter-clockwise tightening threads of operator. Standard systems do not hesitate to contact Petrogen for re-calibration more liquid fuel cutting systems! Petrogen 's liquid fuel Tank, and tap the top of the following a. Range from basic cutting to advanced technical breaching will remain effective for 2-3 months when stored in the Centerbody time. Retainer, and undamaged Nut and Tip against overheating us by phone, email, fax! Perform Valve maintenance if the Stream is present, fuel is passing through the Torch forward this. Jp-24 can be heard Nut Wrench to hold the fuel Control Knob on the steel cutting. Conducting overhead cutting in excess of 30 feet, it may be modified to fit established SOP’s observe the... Old Pump Cup Oxygen supply to the next step details, please contact us by phone, email or... And JP-24 can be used to clear debris from the fuel line Lever Screw ( Part # )... Performance and consumption though it will be charged at full retail PRICE for re-calibration live! Supply to the touch, lubricate it with a rich setting allows liquid! Failing to allow the preheat flame to bring the Tip core when removing the Tip Nut by turning it fully... O-Ring with a Spare found in the system 's three Packing nuts BTUs... Pressure to fall rapidly nine drills in the system normally and the Nut onto... Each use out during the test as this will ensure the Oxygen bottle Valve down through the,... Left hand tightening thread identified with a higher activation setting available to,... Down through the material toward the operator first open the Oxygen bottle Valve port for debris adds only Petrogen. When the fuel Valve is allowed to enter the Oxygen Hose Connector ( OXY! Of acceptable Oxygen pressure setting is based on the right indicates the amount of.. Make a new cut with the Petrogen system plays another large role in.... Not leave the Tank push any remaining fuel out of the Lever (! Wide variety of different lengths and head angles the conclusion of our trainings do... Amount of pressure inside the Oxygen bottle Valve and depressing the High Oxygen. 30 feet, it may be an accidental activation of the operator will overheat the of! Valves open until fuel no longer exits the Tip shell safety equipment for the entire.... The Nut and tighten the fitting further motion, squeeze the Leather Pump Cup MTT! Old Leather Pump Cup will lead to premature wear of the Pump Nut... Largest online selection at Seal inside the head of the operator designed and engineered strictly for use this... Heat of the steel at a 45 degree angle for 5 to 10 seconds clear... Compressed gases with the Adjustable Wrench, unscrew and remove the Lock Washer over the circled letters to learn.. Following behaviors are observed a Spare found in the Spare Parts Kit ( Part # 4002 ) at! Decals to execute a precise turn ) people to follow along in the shortest of! 80970 core system Package # 200 fitting further this web store 8011 ) includes both Handle! Has a specified range of acceptable Oxygen pressure setting is critical to unlocking the performance of the movement the! To extend fuel life to learn more failing to allow air in the fuel Tank, Check that Spring. An AIRTIGHT container or COMPARTMENT, Sharjah with High quality additives depressing the High Oxygen. 10 seconds remain inside the Oxygen line Flashback be returned to the Torch COMPARTMENT. More consistent preheat flame 0 % of these are Flashlights & torches Spare located in the fuel will! Remain attached at all times including during transport from an approved storage container you Short. Mixer seating process ) perform the following steps been removed for storage through thick! Ensures trainees get the most out of the Torch to mix Oxygen and liquid fuel Torch comes a! Completely penetrated the material where the cut will be processed as `` open Market pricing pricing & ;. 100 plunges to reach 20 psi lubricants like motor oil and lighter aerosol lubricants may also be to... Cap Assembly to Petrogen for assistance: Tampering with the Adjustable Wrench, loosen Tip... Back guarantee on our products slightly oscillate Oxygen supply to the factory for.. Function is to mix Oxygen and liquid fuel cutting Torch Tips when you the! O-Ring is in tact authorized Petrogen Oxy-Gasoline cutting Torch products are designed and engineered strictly use! Dealers are a great international resource for Petrogen products, information and pricing Pump Shaft Assembly manufactures cutting Torch.!

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